Selected Projects in Process

Recovering Random Assignment of Cases to Panels in the Federal Courts of Appeals (with Ryan Copus)

Informed Voting in the Presence of Prejudiced Voters (with Rachel Bernhard)

Political Accountability and Stereotyping in Prosecutions

Lurking Heterogeneity and Theoretical Inference in Political Science (with Rachel Bernhard and Ryan Copus)

The Persistence of Mafias (with Omar García-Ponce)

Publicly Available Working Papers

Measuring How Much Judges Matter for Case Outcomes (with Ryan Copus).
Revise and resubmit at Journal of Law and Courts.

Social Segregation, Inter-Group Contact and Discriminatory Policing (with Andrew T. Little).
Revise and resubmit at Political Science Research and Methods.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

The Public Meeting Paradox: How NIMBY-Dominated Public Meetings Can Enable New Housing (with Allison K. Cuttner and B. Pablo Montagnes). Forthcoming. Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy. [ungated preprint]

Trading Diversity? Judicial Diversity and Case Outcomes in Federal Courts (with Ryan Copus and Paige Pellaton). Forthcoming. American Political Science Review. [ungated preprint]

A Behavioural Theory of Discrimination in Policing (with Andrew T. Little). 2023. Economic Journal  133(655), pp. 2828-2843. [ungated preprint]

Going Into Government: How Hiring from Special Interests Reduces Their Influence (with Janna King Rezaee and Jonathan Colner). 2023. American Journal of Political Science  67(2), pp. 485-498. [ungated preprint]

Political Appointments and Outcomes in Federal District Courts (with Ryan Copus). 2022. Journal of Politics  84(2), pp. 908-922. [ungated preprint]

Kompromat Can Align Incentives But Ruin Reputations (with Andrew T. Little). 2022. American Journal of Political Science  66(4), pp. 871-884. [ungated preprint]

Biased Judgments without Biased Judges: How Legal Institutions Cause Errors. 2021. Journal of Politics  83(2), pp. 753-766. [ungated preprint]

Getting Their Way: Bias and Deference to Trial Courts. 2019. American Journal of Political Science  63(3), pp. 706-718. [ungated preprint]

Other Publications

Big Data, Machine Learning, and the Credibility Revolution in Empirical Legal Studies (with Ryan Copus and Hannah Laqueur). 2019. In Law as Data: Computation and the Future of Legal Analysis. Edited by Michael A. Livermore and Daniel N. Rockmore. Santa Fe, NM: SFI Press. [ungated preprint]